About Sumo Boy Sushi And Teriyaki House and Reviews

Sumo boy Sushi and Teriyaki House brings Japanese infusion to Mentor. With our unique twist on Sushi and Japanese food, you're sure to find a dish that you'll love. Come experience the unique taste in our sushi bar, Dining room seating is also available. Or, for those on the go, call ahead and they'll have your order ready for you to pick up and carry out.



Donna T.

Stopped in for lunch special sushi. The avocado roll had nice flavor. Fish was fresh. Service was prompt and business like. I would return to this establishment when in the neighborhood.


Rob S.

The half price Monday sushi cannot be beat in lake county. The servers work their Butts off trying to keep up with hungry customers on Mondays so please tip them well. Good Masago is hard to find but they always have it.  The see weed salad is great too!


Glenn S.

Do yourself a favor and try the specials, tonight's spicey mixed was some of the best sushi I ever had!  And the spicey salmon was really good as well. The butteryaki scallops were made to perfection, may go back tomorrow???


Keith M.

Really good food great meal options the bitno boxes are a good value. Lots of choices I always get the Apple pie sushi it's so good deepfried creamcheese and apples. Also teriaki is really good they are quick to prepare the good and very friendly. Never had a bad meal here this is my wife and my little gem to stop at if there is time. Also very resonably priced forba upscale place in the middle of a shopping plaza.


Rebecca N.

By far the best sushi restaurant i have ever been to! The sushi is always very fresh and delicious, never had a bad meal here. I recommend this place to anyone that enjoys sushi, i come here once a week sometimes and the staff knows who i am when i walk in, very nice people! Also everything is fairly priced, you get a lot of food for cheap, an inexpensive great meal!


Tonya M.

One of the better sushi places I've been to- the sushi is good and the staff is super friendly. The sushi chef is accommodating and funny!


Audrey R.

Service is awful. Waited over an hour for 6 rolls. 4 tables sat after us were served before us. Waitress avoided us like the plague while we watched our food die at the counter.  Finally, when we said something, she just looked at us stunned when we said we were leaving. We've been here before, service has never been great but tonight ruined it for us.


Lola L.

Skimpy and not fresh who wants warm sushi rice yuck .. huge no no warm roll that's very very fishy not good


Jennifer M.

This is the first time I have been here, and we ordered straight from the menu with no fancy instructions for the staff.The B-53 was so bland.  the "spicy" lobster was a piece of imitation lobster/crab meat, and there was no spicy sauce or anything on top or inside the roll.  It was also the thinnest roll I have ever seen, especially since it was a "jumbo".  It was so sorrowfully boring looking too.  The avocado was space and just a smear of brownish green mush.  The Ohio dream was fine.  Nothing special and about twice the thickness of the other "jumbo" roll the B-53.The Box #3 was good the chicken teryaki and sumai left nothing to complain about.  It was really good.The noodle stir fry was good as well, as was the miso soup.One big issue I have was the PRICE of it all in comparison to the quality of presentation and flavor, and the small size of the jumbo roll.Nobody got sick or anything, so I might try it again, but honestly I love spicy food, and when something is listed as spicy on the menu, it should have a kick to it.  Straight up bland is unacceptable.


Blanka K.

When I'm hungry I'll eat just about anything ... But I shouldn't really. When I arrived here, I should've turn around. The restaurant is not clean. Air vents in the ceiling were filthy with black dirty dust, plastic flowers - magnets for those pesky dust balls ... You get the pic?Sushi was not fresh! The miso soup tasted watered down. In fact this was one of the worst tasting meal experience when it comes to sushi.  The waitress was nice though so that is the one star I'm giving.


Peter S.

This sushi restaurant is close to the Starbucks location I was at earlier, so I figured I'd try it. Since I love sushi.I love sushi, but I adore great sushi. Even "ehh, it's okay" sushi. This place had neither. I can totally tell I'll be on the toilet all night because of this place, but what I think got me was their sashimi. It's not sitting well with me at all.The rolls didn't taste too great either. Nothing was particularly fresh, which is strange this early in the day. I could understand at 8pm, one hour before closing. But at 2:38pm ?? Come on, now.The staff was great, which is why I gave it 2 stars, instead of one. But even with great staff, I cannot in good faith recommend this to you. I can tell you I won't be back, personally.I'm usually always up to giving a place a second chance. Heck, even a third chance if other reviews contradict mine. But bad sushi ? Bad raw fish ?? I can't risk that a second time.


Stella R.

A great place to hang out with friends! Delicious and fresh sushi! Highly recommended


Xiaozhu L.

Super good sushi! The best in this neighborhood! Fish is fresh, service is friendly. Price is fair. Highly recommend!


Ann N.

I was surprised to find decent sushi in Mentor.  I just recently moved from Los Angeles to Zurich and was in town visiting family.  In LA, fabulous cheap sushi abounds; in Zurich, notsomuch.  So I was jonsing for some raw fish.  My first visit I had a lunch special of 3 rolls (from an abbreviated list) and mushroom soup.  Very fresh, and the lunch special price was really great deal.The second time, I came for dinner and brought my parents.  Again, a delightful meal.  We came for 1/2 price Monday.  The 1/2 price selection list is somewhat short, but a few discounted selections + a few regular priced rolls and it was still a relatively inexpensive sushi outing.  Again, all the fish was fresh.  The specialty rolls were fun and unique. Is it Matsuhisa or Sugarfish? No. Of course not. But it's a great local sushi joint.


Don T.

I have stopped by this restaurant several times now during my business trips to Mentor, Ohio.  I found the customer service to be outstanding and attentive.  Portions sizes were good.  Prices were reasonable.  The food tasted excellent and was very fresh.  I enjoyed the seafood udon soup and salmon sushi.  Worth checking out when you on the east side of Mentor or west of Painsville.


Coffee S.

Sumo Boys is another hidden gem in Lake County. One of the first sushi restaurants in the area, it sits in a relatively non descript strip mall. The seating area is small, with a nice sushi bar, so best to call ahead and make a reservation. The sushi is excellent, along with one of the largest menus of different Japanese cuisine to choose from, if you're looking for something more.


DevAna J.

I ordered an order for pick up. It was waiting for me when I arrived. I ordered the Super fashion, B-53, and Philadelphia rolls. Philly roll was gross! Super salty dried smoked salmon. The Super fashion roll was pretty good and the B-53 was extremely bland. I also ordered gyoza and crab rangoon. The gyoza was half the size of any dumpling I've ever had. The taste was a little weird. I could taste peanut and luckily I'm not allergic. The plum sauce with it  was decent. Crab was the best thing from there. Maybe I will try the teriyaki but no more sushi for me


Leah B.

I'm not from Ohio so I get to actually eat real fresh sushi. This stuff was over priced and not fresh. If you don't know any better then sure, this will suffice. But alas I've eaten the real McCoy and this was disappointing. Bad salmon in the Christmas Roll .


Ferris B.

I have had good and bad meals here. The sushi is typically fair and responsibly fresh The soup is always delicious, the salad can be watery. My biggest complaint is the quality of their meat. I love getting the bento boxes. A little rice, salad, a roll, and chicken teriyaki. The chicken is fatty, gelatinous, sinewy, and gross. I've had the beef before too and it was so tough I couldn't chew it. Stick with the sushi! There used to be a woman who service who I think was the manager or owner. She was an asian lady with a shitty attitude, was mean, and condescending. She no longer works in the seating area. I'd likely go back since it is so close but they need to buy better higher quality chicken and beef. The decor is nice and it is pretty clean too.


Allison P.

New owner! Wonderful and fresh sushi. Great service and prices. Have been going here for years and it's just getting better! Give it another try if you were not satisfied before new ownership!