What you can do with a juicer. Part 2: Drink your greens! Green juices

Mhhmm. A big bowl of salad. Crunchy and green, yummy! But somehow the dressing is missing. And apples and grapes next to celery in the bowl? Sounds funny. But what is there so pretty draped in the bowl is not mashed about, but turns quickly into two glasses of juice. In green juice namely.

These green juices are THE newest trend besides the green smoothies. In Germany perhaps not as much as in the US or England. Smoothies are almost back out, too many carbs, too many fillers, you know .... The pure nutrients should therefore be in the juice. Not for nothing is juice fasting, for example in the form of 5-days-cleansing cures the latest craze. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 and 2 are incredibly successful documentaries that are also available on YouTube and Netflix, for example. People are changing their lives by drinking only juice and getting lean, healthy and fit.

No, I'm not a jujube. No, I do not think that I can live exclusively permanently. But yes, I find green juices unbelievably delicious and feel fit. Smoothies are often just too filling and filling and the consistency can sometimes be nasty. With a glass of juice but you get quite a lot of beautiful nutrients (or the man, the children ...) pure. And funny is that even vegetables that I would never tolerate in my normal food (celery! Fennel !!) in the juice totally great. I almost outsmarted myself. Smart.
It is super easy and fast and I prefer to use my cool Kuving Whole Slow Juicer *, which I have already introduced to you here: What you can do with a juicer. Part 1: Juice

Juicer: Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer from the Perfect Gesundhet Shop - green juice from the Slowjuicer

The juice yield is just immense and also from leafy vegetables and herbs squeezed the last droplet of liquid. And the sounds alone, when the device crushes pieces of apple or when cucumbers are crushed at a snail's pace. It's better than TV.

Other things that you would like to puree into a smoothie, such as avocado, should be better to continue mixing and not juicing. The juice yield is simply too low and the loss too high.

Yes, there is no residue left. And yes, he comes out really dry. I've tried it for fun, it tastes pretty much nothing. So maybe there's something to it, with the nutrients and flavors. If you have a compost, you can use the pomace wonderfully. Otherwise, of course, it still nachwievor plant fibers and fiber, which you can just use for soups, as a bond in meatloaf or in muffins. But I usually throw it away, because I have neither a garden nor too often prepare soups or meatloaf. But it does not matter because the good things are all in the juice that comes out at the other end of the container.

 What to do with a juicer

Here's my basic recipe for a delicious, green juice. It's mostly vegetables, but a bit of green fruit is in it too. For the taste and stuff. Allowed is what tastes and it can be exchanged as desired: pear instead of apple, melon instead of grapes, romaine lettuce or young kale orThe variations are gigantic. But this is a juice blend that I find quite delicious, nutritious and pleasant to drink.

What you can do with a juicer. Part 2: Drink your greens! Green juices

Green Juice

for 2 large glasses


1 Handful of Baby Spinach (about 70 g)
1/2 cucumber
1 celery
1 green apple
150 g green grapes
75 g broccoli florets
1 small handful of parsley
1/2 lemon
1 Piece of ginger (about 2 cm)


Wash all ingredients thoroughly and dry.
Do not peel the cucumber, but cut into smaller pieces , Also cut the celery into pieces. Quarter the apple, remove the stalk and core. Peel off the lemon yellow peel and also peel the ginger.

Add all the ingredients alternately into the juicer one after the other. I have had the best experience of juicing the juiciest fruits and vegetables first, the leafy vegetables tightly rolled in between and the crunchiest vegetables at the end, so nothing gets stuck and everything is nicely juiced.

Put the juice on two glasses distribute and enjoy immediately or store in a tightly closed bottle for 1 day in the refrigerator and shake briefly before serving.

Of course you can make the juice with these ingredients in a normal juicer, then just probably something less liquid out. First juicing the juicy and firm pieces, finally spinach and parsley. Stir and enjoy immediately.

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After choosing this juicer *, it was kindly released to me as a test device from the Perfect Health Shop * upon my request Provided. Thanks a lot for this! In the shop you will find many more exciting devices such as mixers, dehydrators or grain mills.
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