SUMMER OF SUPPER 2014 IN MARIENECK IN COLOGNE - last day: Klüngel met Jemös with Nata and Joerg

Man, why does not anyone say something? Since I was already two weeks ago at my second Supper Club as part of the summer of supper and then forget completely to write something about it! Leave on the next morning over the weekend and everything is out of sight, out of mind. Until I just stumbled over the photos while sifting through my pictures and immediately got the taste of the awesome bean puree, crispy bread and Crystal Bacon on my tongue. That's why my little report in lyrics and pictures comes here at lightning speed.

 set table in the Marieneck, the Supperclub can start

It was nice with Nata and Joerg alias pastaciutta and kappesklub or utecht writes and their Rhenish menu " Klüngel met Jemös ". Relaxed and relaxed and of course delicious. Many food bloggers have arrived again and more dear people were guests, so that it was again a wonderful, wonderful evening in Marcos Marieneck. Nata and Joerg had also invited Schelli, who served the incredibly delicious bread ever. Delicious it was!

 Schelli cuts his freshly baked bread
 As in a well-stocked bakery: Schellis Backwerke

The three cooked, baked and talked and then they served us a wonderful menu with all the cool components. Unfortunately, Torsten was missing this time, but Marco managed the wine and beer accompaniment in dignified representation, before saying goodbye to his well-deserved summer vacation.

 Nata and Joerg present their menu in Supperclub

Let's go with a fine matjes on freshly baked bread from Schelli as a a beautiful Jrooss from the kitchen. True to the motto "I've prepared something", the plates were already finished on the sideboard when I arrived. They made the mouth watery. Also bread, oil, salt and quark were already on the tables and brought the perfect start to a cozy evening after a long day ...

 Matjes on freshly baked aniseed bread
Freshly cut Bread on the tables

The actual menu then split into an appetizer called sorrel, pancake, goat cheese and was so delicious and consistent. One of my favorite tunes of the evening!

It continued with beans, beans, beans - as a big bean fan this was another highlight for me, especially the great puree!

The main course was trumpeted with pork, endive, potato and the secret weapon Crystal Bacon .By the way, you can see the pictures too. I was tired of taking pictures and getting the dessert plastered ...

 Three kinds of beans, sorrel and pancakes with goat cheese and pork with endive, potatoes and crystal bacon

Thank you for the successful evening, the great food and the nice get-together with the hosts! It was great fun again and the second Supperclub was certainly not the last for me. Thanks again to Marco for providing the location. I hope there will be a repeat next year! And maybe then I dare to participate myself, let's see ...

 Nata stirs in a large pot and prepares the menu for the Supperclub

By the way, there are more reports. Among other things, I was delighted that Astrid came especially for this event and the two weeks before from Dorothée, my table neighbor at the first Supperclub (SUMMER OF SUPPER 2014 IN MARIENECK IN COLOGNE - DAY 1: CITY COUNTRY FOOD WITH SIMONE AND SOPHIA ) was, with me in care given Knubbel (Nymphenburger Knubbel is a chili variety, Note the Red. ) has taken. There are also pictures of it, so Knubbel-Selfies. Somewhere, with anyone ... Besides, we were table neighbors and had a lot of fun.
Here is anyway the scary funny report from Astrid - you have to read: Summer of supper in Marieneck, Cologne | Arthur's daughter meets people, has pork, eats beans, and sits down in the dessert.

See you next time, hopefully - the next Supperclub is coming!