Read food magazines online via Zinio Reader and manage recipes digitally in Evernote

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I love to read English food journals. Whether from England, the USA or Australia: the choice is huge, the offer varied and so I was on every journey, at every airport and at every station in search of my favorite magazines. When bought abroad, the magazines are quite affordable, but if you want to buy English-language editions here at the airport or train station, you will often be surprised to suddenly have to spend 12 or 14 € for a copy of Donna Hay magazine. That's when I fit too.

Read magazines about the Zinio Reader

Until I discovered the Zinio Reader for myself a few years ago. In the past there were almost only foreign magazines, but now there are more and more German magazines on offer. If you do not want to give up gossip, you could find it there too. This is primarily about food magazines, of course, and it pays to browse in peace and quiet.

The Zinio Reader is available both as an app for Android or iOS but also as a desktop version for Mac and PC. I mostly use it on my Android smartphone or on my Mac via Chrome. The registration itself and the use are free of charge. Only when it comes to magazines to order, you have to buy them.

In the category For women (of course, where else ...) there is the subcategory food and Cooking . There you can filter by language and popularity or name and browse in peace. Alternatively, you can search specifically for names of magazines via the search function and receive the desired results.

All magazines can now be viewed and ordered as a single issue or as a subscription. For example, I've been looking for the English Olive Magazine here.

Since I'm logged in, the correct currency is shown to me directly. In this case, both of them are honestly too expensive for me, no matter if subscription or single issue, but it's worthwhile coming back! Again and again there are special offers, so you should not give up directly.
If it is not always about the latest issue, is often worth a look at older issues, because you can save properly here.

The older available outputs are always displayed below the most recent output. I'm now interested in the January edition, which I can click directly.

And lo and behold: The single edition is now available for € 1.31! I want her for that! Since I have deposited my order details in the application with credit card, I can now buy the magazine with one click. Immediately after the purchase, I can now read the magazine. At the same time, it appears in my reading view in all my magazines. With just one click, you can open the magazine and browse it online like a magazine, zoom in, set bookmarks, display magazine pages as a text version, etc. This is exactly how it works in the app on the smartphone.

It always pays to check in, search for offers or browse older editions. Very often you can find real bargains. Just until tomorrow, for example, Donna Hay Magazine or the Food Network Magazine will offer you a 40% discount on completing a subscription.

As with regular magazine subscriptions, subscriptions are automatically renewed after expiration - often at a higher rate Price. One should deactivate the subscription so immediately after the purchase in the attitudes. The ordered expenses you get in any case, beyond that, nothing more. You just have to go into his account settings and active subscription settings.To have more memory, I've upgraded to the Plus version. With only a few recipes you can manage the free memory quite well.

My keywords can also be called individually, so that I can selectively display recipes for a specific topic.

Zinio Reader as a desktop version with tips for reading magazines and to manage in Evernote

At the same time, I can also scroll through all entries in my Recipes Notebook by date:

 Zinio Reader as a desktop version with magazine reading and administration tips in Evernote

In addition to screenshots, I also take pictures of recipes from magazines with my smartphone Of course, I use my recipe database for private purposes only, and I do not share or use the images and recipes elsewhere.

For, I do not want to pick it up and use it in Evernote as well.

For These are the best systems for me to read English-language magazines and directly manage the recipes I'm interested in.

Which foreign-language magazines do you enjoy reading and how do you organize your recipes?