Pre-screening of the TASTEOLOGY documentation from AEG in London

As some people have seen on my social media channels, I was in London last weekend. Together with other bloggers I was invited by AEG to the exclusive launch of the TASTEOLOGY film.

AEG Tasteology Documentation Pre-Screening in London

But what is TASTEOLOGY anyway?

The AEG-initiated movie titled Tasteology is about to turn all about the topic of taste. Food experts from three continents will be reporting on how to create the perfect taste experience from their perspective. The four episodes of this documentary (Source, Chill, Heat and Experience) invite viewers on a culinary journey around the world.

Always on the lookout for the perfect taste!

Each Episode stands for a specific theme, which is illuminated from different directions. SOURCE (origin) is about cultivating plants and keeping animals, and CHILL (cooling) is all about perfect storage in HEAT (heat) for the optimal preparation and in EXPERIENCE (experience) for the method of serving and serving. TASTEOLOGY will love those who love Netflix's previous food documentaries!

AEG Tasteology Documentation Pre-Screening in London


A whole bunch of food experts from all over the world are involved in the film involved: the Japanese master chefs Satchiko and Hisato Nakahigashi, who focus on wild foods; Book author Mark Schatzker, food activist Tristram Stuart, food chemist Hervé This, master chef Catalina Vélez and Instagram icon Jacques la Merde (be sure to follow them - it turns simple gas station foods into star dishes). From Germany, top chef and Wagyu breeder Ludwig (Lucki) Maurer and the duo of Culinary Misfits are represented.

On site was the nutritional psychologist and professor of experimental psychology Charles Spence, who told us some startling details from his research. Celebrity chef Jozef Youssef, who served us the right gear as "Eat-Along" for each episode, was certainly the focus of the evening.

AEG Tasteology Documentation Pre-screening in London


In four courses , matching the four episodes of the TASTEOLOGY documentary, Jozef Youssef served us an exciting menu.Worldwide, the parts are available from today on Youtube and can be freely viewed. And I can tell you: it's really worth it! I had some aha experiences and was very impressed by the great implementation of the episodes. I will now have a look at the parts at home and look after myself.

Here is the link to the official Youtube channel of AEG and the playlist of the documentation:
AEG Youtube



I was not alone in London. The coolest blogger tour group ever made, consisting of Astrid from Arthur's daughter Koch, Simone from S-Küche, Martha from What should I eat for breakfast today, Christine from Trickytine, Kerstin from My Cooking Love Affair, Zorra from Kochtopf, Uwe from High Foodality, Stevan from Nutriculinary and Steffen from Berliner Speisemeisterei.

You'll also find lots of other infos about us under the hashtag #tasteology on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Note: I have been invited by AEG to London to pre-screen the Tasteology documentation. Special thanks to Erika and Heiko for the great invitation, the excellent organization and the unique event!