Hessian cooking cheese - home in the pot

Although I live in Cologne for about 13 years, I am a native of Hesse. That's not so spectacular, but Fissler * asked me which dish I brought from my old home to my new home. These are actually some favorite foods that come to mind spontaneously, even if the Hessian cuisine is not really one of the best known regional kitchens in Germany. We have so many beautiful things to offer!

I can bring you today one of my absolute highlights, some of which have probably never heard: Hessian Cooked cheese ! There is also the supermarket to buy, the homemade cheese tastes but worlds better and always reminds me very much of my home. There you can get it in almost every rustic pub and restaurant after a family recipe to a glass Äppelwoi (from the ribbed , poured from the Bembel ). And I will tell you my personal favorite recipe today!

Recipe for Hessian Cooked cheese with music from moeyskitchen.com

From Hesse to the Rhineland

In fact, my father's roots are basically enough for Cologne. That's why I'm not such a real "newcomer". After all, my father and my grandparents come from the wonderful metropolis on the Rhine, where I live today! So, there's kölsches Blut in my veins, ha!

Very early, therefore, I came with the Sauerbraten my grandma - of course, really from the horse and with raisins - in conjunction. It just stupid that my sister and I, both typical horse girls, did not want to eat ponies. And we really did not like raisins. And the red herring salad, which my grandmother served my dad with every visit, I also remember more scary. In short: I came as a Hessian child early with the Rhineland kitchen in conjunction and she was so nothing mine. But I was also a crooked kid ...

Recipe for Hessian cheese with music from moeyskitchen.com

Grie Soß, Kreppel, Ploatz and Kadoffel

So now I come from tranquil Mittelhessen, greeting you with Ei Gude and around Kreppel and Grie Soß the world has been fine. So why now the Hessian kitchen? And what is the Hessian kitchen? What is known beyond the borders of Hesse is certainly the Frankfurt Green Sauce . Supposedly, it is Goethe's favorite, but that too should be refuted in the meantime. But for me it is at least one of my personal favorites. Only genuine with a seven-herb mixture of borage, chervil, cress, parsley, pimpinelle, sorrel and chives. In addition comes hard-boiled egg, sour cream and served with boiled potatoes. I could easily eat that once a week!

Our Hessian crepe are in truth ordinary Berlin (or as the Berlin would say: pancake ), mostly with a filling of strawberry jam or plum jam. In fact, the Hessian cuisine is much influenced by their neighboring countries and many dishes are very similar in other German regions. We just often have the funnier names for it.

If we like to eat one, it's potatoes! Hardly a dish that can do without the good old Kadoffel. Raw dumplings, boiled potatoes with duck fat , various dumplings. Gorgeous! And bread and pasta in general. I remember well how the tradition of baking bread is lived in many Hessian villages.Once the oven is hot, next to the bread for the week, you also bake whole sheets full of onion cake and bacon cake on a bread dough base. And sweet yeast pastries like Ploatz and Petzkuche should not be missed either.

Recipe for Hessian cheese with music from moeyskitchen.com

Worscht and Käs

Now But let's get to the exciting areas of Hessian cuisine: sausage and cheese! In fact, many Hessian specialties have made it to the meat meats of the nation, especially the good Ahle Wurscht and the Stracke . Both are a kind of salami based on raw sausage, and every butcher has his own traditional recipe. There is also pork sausage in the ring, which is eaten warm with mustard or liver sausage , which is often served as a main course. Black pudding we know in Hesse as well as lard or the well-known Frankfurter sausages .

Cheese also has a few special features , The most famous Hessian cheese is certainly the Handkäs , a quark-based sour-milk cheese and certainly not for everyone. It resembles the Harz cheese and is classically served with caraway, also like with music , ie with onion pieces pickled in vinegar and oil. Traditionally, most hand cheese comes from Hüttenberg in central Hesse and even has a protected designation of origin. As a kid, I hated him and I was already bad smell. Today, I think it's great!

A lot of quark is used, for example for the Spundekäs , which is a mixture of cream cheese and quark and well seasoned with paprika on dark Bread is served. What I also like to eat is the snowstorm , which most closely resembles an obatzter and is made from camembert, butter and quark.

 Recipe for Hessian cheese with music from moeyskitchen.com

I present: Hessian cooking cheese

However, as I mentioned earlier, my personal highlight is the Cooked Cheese . Again, the spirits divorce, you hate him or you love him. The starting point here is again the Handkäs, which is mixed with quark and butter. Recipes are also here like sand on the sea, each region has THE only true recipe and often one is in the preparation spinnefeind. As with the green sauce. In fact, for example, there is cooking cheese that does not require any hand cheese. Others use Limburger instead of hand cheese. And then again there are regions that stir cream cheese under their hand cheese. Wuah.

I think it's quite classic: fats and "foreign cheeses" have lost nothing, at least in my cheese! In fact, only real handkäs from Central Hesse, dripped cottage cheese or layered cheese, butter, cream and for binding and color an egg yolk come into my cooking cheese. The latter can also be omitted, if you want to keep the cook for a longer time and has concerns about salmonella.

Tastes that?

The preparation is very easy and I use very young hand cheese. He is young, if he still has at least 2-3 weeks until the best before date. So I can determine the severity of the taste itself. Cooked cheese has to rest and mature in any case. After a few days in the fridge, he develops his full aroma.Meanwhile, I appreciate the flavors but if you are also a fan of French cheese, Brie or Camembert, the cheese is certainly something for you. I take it out of the fridge about half an hour before serving and hand it over with music and cumin to dark brown bread or rye bread. It goes well with a hearty snack plate with pepperbeers, pickled cucumbers and radishes. Have fun trying it out!

Recipe for Hessian Cuisine with music by moeyskitchen.com

Hessian cooking cheese

for 4 250 ml jars


500 g cream cheese - 1 tbsp soda - 125 g Hessian cheese - 75 g butter - 75 g cream - 1 fresh organic egg yolk (optional) - salt


Let the layered cheese drain briefly in a sieve. Put in a bowl with soda and stir thoroughly. Leave to rest for about 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, cut the cheese into small cubes and place them together with the butter in a small coating pot *. Melt at low heat very slowly. Add the cream and heat it over a low heat until the mixture is reasonably well-cooked.

Add the quark, which becomes very fluffy with the addition of baking soda, to the saucepan and add it gently stir in a wooden spoon *. Warm gently and stir in the egg yolk. The process of constant stirring may take 10 minutes, but you must not increase the heat, because otherwise the mixture liquefies and no longer becomes firm. When the cheese is warm, but not hot and dripping hard from the spoon, it is ready.

Put warm in glasses and let it rest in the fridge at least overnight. The cooking cheese ripens and tastes more intense every day.

Remove from the fridge about half an hour before serving. Serve the Hessian cheese with good farmhouse bread (who likes butter) and serve it with music and cumin.

 Recipe for Hessian cheese with music from moeyskitchen.com


Pickled onions to serve


2 medium onions
3 tablespoons neutral oil (rapeseed oil or sunflower oil)
2 tablespoons light vinegar (white wine vinegar)
salt, pepper
Caraway for Serving


Peel the onions and finely chop. Stir with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and allow to rest for at least 30 minutes at room temperature.

Mix with caraway or serve separately before serving.

* This entry was created in friendly cooperation with Fissler for the campaign Heimat im Topf . The memories are mine, as well as the recipe idea of ​​my favorite method of preparation of cooking cheese. Thanks for the nice cooperation!