New Gastro-Sharing Concept from Cologne: INVITE ON - pop-up restaurant meets street food

You like casual and straightforward street food?
And you like the appeal of pop-up restaurants that always have something new to offer you?
Great , then from Monday, October 12, there is exactly the right thing for you in Cologne!
LOADING ON has created a unique concept: restaurant sharing in a permanent location, but with a menu and a team, all changes two weeks.
Sounds exciting? It's the same!
Till, Vincent and Mathes, the organizers of the legendary Street Food Festival have now implemented an ingenious idea with LADEN EIN, given it a cool location and given it a name.
In the beautiful Agnesviertel in the north of Cologne they have rebuilt the former butcher's yard and set up the stationary pop-up restaurant LADEN EIN. In addition to 40 seats and an open kitchen with a counter, there is plenty of preparation space for the temporary tenants. Due to the close location to the Higher Regional Court of Cologne and various office complexes, LADEN EIN has opened both at noon and in the evening.
The idea behind the completely new concept is to provide young and motivated chefs - from restaurateurs and trained amateur cooks to street food suppliers - who do not have their own shop right away to be able to offer a platform to try themselves out. Most of them already have street food experience and can now try stationary over a period of two weeks as restaurateurs without having to take the risk of a big investment. The trained chef and street food operator Max is available to all tenants as an expert and consultant on site. Each concept can be realized in the shop itself and is the focus of the rental period: from the culinary offer on the decoration in the store to the menus, everyone can let off steam as he would make it in his own restaurant. div>
The boys of TACOS LOS CARNALES are allowed to celebrate their first night, and from 12 October to 24 October the restaurant will be called "LOS CARNALES INVITE". The two brothers Andrés and Adrian as well as their buddy Evan share the passion for down-to-earth and authentic Mexican cuisine and have been present at the Kölner Street Food Festival right from the start.The boys are super successful with their food truck - the long lines in front of their stand speak for themselves. And so it is not surprising that they have been thinking of opening their own restaurant for some time now. LOADING ON now offers you exactly the opportunity to test your concept and offer.
On Friday, there was a little pre-opening and a look at the menu: Tex-mex cuisine for tourists is a vain option, with authentic dishes ranging from beef tongue to cactus salad.
In addition to classic tacos (corn flour tortillas) and torta (Mexican burger) with pork, chicken or vegetables, there are also crispy Tostadas (tortillas) with chicken or Kaktusstreifensalat with feta. In addition, quesadillas (wheat tortillas with melted cheese) and dishes with shrimp, beef tongue or soya shredded teas are also served in the evening. Appetizers, side dishes and a dessert complete the menu, vegans and vegetarians will also get their money.
I've tried it once - cactus tart salad is reminiscent of pickled green beans. Delicious! The beef tongue is so delicately stewed that it almost disintegrates by itself and the beans are garnished with a huge amount of flavor. If you're still into avocado and coriander, you'll be in for a treat at LOS CARNALES LADEN!
So, if you're looking for a new lunch menu or a cool evening location for classic street food from around the world and love variety - congratulations, you've got a new one Stammrestaurant found! Because the visit is worth it!
And, shall we see each other?
I find the concept incredibly exciting and really great - I will probably meet you more often in the shop.
Here are the details of the restaurant:
Blumenthalstr. 66
50668 Cologne
Hours: Monday to Saturday 12 - 22 pm
No reservations
Underground stops: Reichenspergerplatz ( Lines 16 and 18) and Ebertplatz (Lines 12, 15, 16 and 18)
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