DIY was yesterday, today it's called TIY: Thermomix it yourself - home-made classic mustard and cider mustard for a gift-good-day

In Cologne is summer. 30 degrees, sunshine, sandals and all people are on the road. The meadows in the parks are full, the beer gardens are well filled and everywhere smells of freshly grilled sausages. What could be better than sitting outside with a cold drink in the sunshine and enjoying something delicious on the grill ?! Besides sauces and meat, sauces play a big role! I have already shown you the recipe for the most delicious barbecue sauce, namely rhubarb ketchup. But what should not be missing in a hearty sausage? Right, a delicious, hot mustard! And of course we will not buy it, we'll do it ourselves!

Thermomix has just run a home-made action in the recipe world. On the 24th of June the gift-giving day will take place - a nice idea to give someone a little joy regardless of birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day.

And what is more beautiful than home-made and delicious as gifts from your own kitchen? Just. That's why I love to be part of the TIY campaign and have created two delicious recipes for home-made mustard. It works very easy in the Thermomix. And because mustard is so diverse, I have developed two different varieties in different degrees of severity. They serve as a perfect basis for your own creations - there are no limits to your own taste.

Mild yellow and crisp brown mustard seeds are available in larger, well-stocked supermarkets or at the health food store. Although you can buy ready-ground mustard powder - I recommend for my recipes but the use of whole grains. There are also some recipes, in which the grains are finely ground in the Thermomix - but I do not want fine, but rather coarse mustard and work from the beginning with the mustard seeds.

The most important basis next to the mustard seed itself are vinegar and also like an alcoholic liquid such as wine or beer. I chose an apple cider in conjunction with apple cider vinegar as the basis for one mustard and the other, more classic mustard only with white wine vinegar. The mustard seeds are completely covered with liquid and covered only slightly 2-3 Days at room temperature. Meanwhile, a fermentation process starts in which the mustard oils are released - only the combination of mustard oil and vinegar later provides the known sharpness. The mustard seeds also soften up enough to be mixed well later.

Herbs and spices finally come into play to complete the process: especially fresh tarragon or thyme are popular. Turmeric gives the mustard a slight spiciness and a great yellow color. A little honey or sugar complete the taste.By boiling or heat, the oils go away and the mustard can become bitter. That is why it is also important that the mustard is not stirred too long. If the temperature reading from the Thermomix rises to 37 degrees when mixing, you should immediately take a break and let the mustard cool well. I puréed the mustard at intervals, which kept it cold.

The consistency you want depends on your own taste - I like mustard a bit more grainy and crude. If you prefer fine, the mass still mashes a few more intervals to the desired consistency. If necessary, you can add a little more water and mix well, if the mustard is still too firm.

The mustard should be closed after completion for a day or two in the fridge before it is served.

Have fun trying and copying - the mustard is a great gift to the next garden party and tastes much better than purchased, industrially produced mustard. It is also great as a base for mustard sauces or salad dressings.

Classic mustard

For 1 glass (about 400 g)


85 g yellow mustard seeds
175 ml white wine vinegar
75 ml water
2 tbsp sugar
½ tl turmeric, ground
¼ tsp fine sea salt


Put the mustard seeds together with the white wine vinegar and the water in a small glass or ceramic bowl, mix well and cover only lightly with cling film so that the air can still circulate.
The Bowl 2-3 Leave it in a cool place for a few days. Add the mixture together with the sugar, turmeric and S Add alz to the mixing pot.

At intervals, purée for about 15 seconds at level 10. In between, repeatedly push the mustard from the sides. I mixed four times 15 seconds for my consistency. Who wants the mustard even finer, can add 2-3 more intervals. If the mustard is too firm, just stir in some more water.

Transfer the mustard to a well-sealable, rinsed glass, refrigerate, and consume within a few weeks it yourself - Homemade classic mustard and cider mustard for gift-a-day "src ="/images/image-140420191646ct32.jpeg "alt =" TIY: Thermomix it yourself - Homemade classic mustard and cider mustard Give a gift "border =" 0 "itemprop =" image ">

Cider Mustard

For 1 glass (approx.Purée again for 10 seconds at level 10. If you want the mustard even finer, mash it again for 20 seconds. If the consistency is still too firm, just stir in some water.

Transfer the mustard to a well-closable, rinsed glass, keep in the refrigerator and use within a few weeks.

Both types of mustard not only taste great with grilled meat, but of course Viennese sausages, meatballs, meatloaf, in salad sauce, as mustard sauce to boiled eggs - there are many uses for every taste. Both recipes are also in the recipe world for cooking:
Classic Mustard
Coarse Cider Mustard

If you do not have a thermomix, you can have the mustard in a very quiet way high-performance multi-reduction, blender or with the blender. Breaks should always be put in here so that the mustard does not get too hot and the appliance does not overheat.

This article was created in friendly cooperation with Vorwerk Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG. Recipes and content come from me completely and were developed for the action Thermomix it yourself.